One Basket: A Lifetime Of Learning

Baskets For Education’s handcrafted Bolga baskets provide funding for The Kisseman Children’s Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to transform the lives of children in Kisseman, Ghana by providing academic scholarships, school supplies, and instructional lessons to improve the quality of their daily lives and enable them to reach their full potential.

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We envision a world in which all children have access to a quality education. We are committed to enrolling children into local schools, empowering them for a lifetime of learning.


The resources and tools to attend school, complete school work, and fill the gaps in educational opportunities.


Led by volunteers and local residents, we develop programs to foster a joy of learning while providing the means to attain life skills to succeed in school and beyond.


Working with local community members, and organizations, The Kisseman Children’s Foundation has become an integral part of Kisseman Village and the families we work with.


Baskets For Education takes the beauty of Beatrice Baako’s basket weaving and turns it into an avenue for educating children in the village of Kisseman, Ghana. A gift of one of Mrs. Baako’s baskets will last a lifetime and 100% of the revenue earned from the sale goes to educating a child, an education that will also last a lifetime!


I visited the Baskets For Education stall on Fenton Av. and was very impressed with Erin and the products she displayed. This is a great initiative. Yikene and fruit baskets are especially beautiful. The Chinese saying is appropriate here i.e. Those who say it cannot be done should not get in the way of those who are doing it. Prosperity and abundance to all involved in this activity.


Beatrice’s Bolga baskets are functional pieces of art. We have purchased quite a few for our home and as gifts. They are beautiful holding magazines, fruit, and even our hodgepodge sports equipment. These baskets have held their shape and color well and couldn’t benefit a more important cause!

– Ginny Kay

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